As a highly specialized firm, our technical professionals relish the small-company atmosphere found at Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions. There's a shared sense of purpose, and a profound commitment of devising new and and better approaches to technical challenges. Our team has the freedom to explore novel ways to deliver immediate savings, address growth and deferred maintenance concerns, and make our clients more competitive.

Aramark Corporation provides the resources, stability, and scale that will support the continued growth of Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions.

Our History
Founded to address the 1970’s energy crisis, Facilities Resource Management (FRM) helped clients analyze and control their energy needs, and all other aspects of their physical plants operations. FRM’s fundamental objective was to enable client institutions to be more effective in their primary missions: Education, Healthcare, Culture and Government. They provided leadership and identified savings that improved the long-term quality and performance of both the facility and staff. The firm also helped re-allocate scare resources to high-priority needs. The company grew as its clients became more numerous, more geographically widespread and more in need of additional services. Its decentralized staff worded side-by-side with clients and built partnerships in the process.

FRM HistoryFRM’s staff of more than 140 provided a variety of facilities-related services to 150 clients that included not only colleges and universities but also private schools, public school systems, public agencies, healthcare facilities, museums and municipal governments.

Services included oversight and leadership of all facilities functions, capital project management for new construction and renovation, technical and energy management, strategic planning, financial measurement and monitoring, training of personnel and consulting.

In 1998, FRM was acquired by Aramark Corporation. Since then, Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions has commissioned more than $11.2 billion and 60.1 million GSF of new and renovated facilities. Our technical credibility, operator’s perspective, and construction experience has and will continue to aid in the satisfaction of every objective or each commissioning project.

We truly believe that Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions is the most qualified firm that will commit to and exceed expectations of your project. All of our engagements rely on our seasoned professional staff to function as the catalyst and initiator, providing significant commissioning knowledge and experience.

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