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Our highly qualified team has backgrounds in construction, engineering, systems design, and facilities operations. At every decision point, we add value to the capital program management process. We have managed $4.6 billion in capital projects, bringing a balanced design, engineering, construction, and operations perspective that allows us to identify potential challenges before they become roadblocks. We specialize in program planning, design management, construction management and building commissioning.

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Efficient Program Delivery

Relieve the existing facilities operations
organization from the burden of trying to
deliver a project on time and on budget

Provide confidence that owner interests are protected by having a single point of contact throughout the entire process

Validate that the final program will work according to the needs of those who must operate and maintain it

Support of Environmental Stewardship

Support of environmental stewardship goals and attainment of “green” or LEED accreditation status

Confirm that the design process results in efficient building operation and that indoor environments are conducive to occupant health and well-being